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Our firm is headed by a former IT engineer
with corporate management experience.

IT and Startup Business Law

IT and Startup Business Law in Japan

In order to provide accurate legal support in the fast-paced environment of IT and startup business, it is important to have specialized knowledge and experience. Our firm has many specialists in this area and we have experiences serving as legal counsel (including various contracts for directors, executive officers, etc.) for 437 companies, consisted mainly of IT companies, ranging from top tier companies to seed-stage startup companies in Japan.

  1. 1.Venture Law

    Venture Law

    We have extensive experience in legal matters related to business and capital, including financing, business transfers, and buyouts.

  2. 2.IT and Intellectual Property Law

    IT and Intellectual Property Law

    Toki Kawase, our Representative Lawyer with former engineer experience, will gain deep understanding of your company’s products, occasionally by actually reading the code.

  3. 3.Speed


    We understand the importance of a fast response time to your business and company. As a generally rule we respond within one business day.

  4. 4.Legal Affairs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

    Legal Affairs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

    As our founding lawyer has experience in corporate management, he understands from experience the hardships of management.

IT and Intellectual property Legal Affairs

IT and Intellectual Property Law in Japan

It is important for attorneys for IT companies to understand the technology and operations related to IT and intellectual property in the day-to-day business of the company.
MONOLITH LAW OFFICE acts as a legal counsel and chief legal officer for IT companies and handles specialized and sophisticated IT related legal affairs,
such as system development, maintenance of terms of use for applications and services, media management, marketing operations, blockchain, AI, personal information protection, and IP-related legal affairs in Japan.

  • System Development

    We support contract drafting, modification, negotiation, and dispute resolution when issues arise.

  • Terms of Use

    Creation and modification of terms and conditions as well as privacy policies, necessary for publication or operation.

  • Media Management

    Legal support for media and marketing regarding intellectual property, the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act.

  • Crypto Assets

    We support blockchain-related businesses from a legal perspective, including fundraising, content businesses, and NFTs.

Preventing Reputational Damage

Preventing Reputational Damage

Reputational damage occurs on the Internet daily. Investigating and resolving these issues is the area of expertise for “Lawyer with IT Expertise” of MONOLITH LAW OFFICE. Generally, there are two ways to solve Reputational Damage on the internet: technological and legal. We should select the most appropriate means for the damage by using both IT and law, proposing a comprehensive solution.

IT and law both have their advantages and disadvantages. Neither is perfect, that’s why it is important to have a “Lawyer with IT Expertise”.

Reputational damage that can be solved through IT, Reputational damage that can be solved through Legal Procedures
YouTuber and Virtual YouTuber Legal Affairs

YouTuber/Virtual YouTuber Legal Services

Major YouTubers, YouTuber agencies, Virtual YouTuber management companies and YouTube channels of companies need legal counsel with more specialized knowledge and experience.
We provide highly specialized support to major YouTuber firms, famous independent YouTubers, and various Virtual YouTuber companies in Japan. For example, we can draft and review YouTuber/Virtual YouTuber related contracts. We also provide support in legal issues related to video production.

  • YouTuber


    A YouTuber with more than a few hundred thousand channel subscribers is a single entity and needs an agent.

  • YouTuber Management Companies

    YouTuber Management Companies

    There are specific precautions and checkpoints to consider for YouTuber management, client projects, and other contracts.

  • VTuber

    Virtual YouTuber

    Contracts and M&A in the area where IT and entertainment intersect is an extremely specialized field.

  • YouTube channel for Business Company

    YouTube channel for Business Company

    When operating a YouTube channel, you will need a main legal advisor and a separate lawyer for YouTube.

As an organization of lawyers and IT consultants, MONOLITH
LAW OFFICE offers a unique combination of legal and IT solutions.
We are not just a “law firm where lawyers with expertise
in IT provide specialized legal services”.

We are a one-stop provider of unique breakthrough solutions
for huge and complex issues
that other law firms and IT companies cannot handle.

Terms of Use for Applications

Terms of Use for Applications

MONOLITH LAW OFFICE handles the creation and revision of terms of use, privacy policies, and other terms and conditions necessary for the publication and operation of various apps, services, and games. We can read your materials and data (e.g., requirements definitions for app development, frameworks created utilizing Adobe XD, LPs, sales materials for prospective clients, etc.) and provide legal services that fit your product.

Legality Review of Owned Media and LPs (PMD Act)

Legality Review of Owned Media and LPs (PMD Act)

We have gained experience in the following cases: Landing Page (LP) and media operations involving the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, Intellectual Property Law, online marketing operations, and influencer marketing. MONOLITH LAW OFFICE provides the legal services of drafting management guidelines and sampling checks to media operators, review site operators, advertising agencies, and cosmetics manufacturers.

Measures for Illegal Resale for D2Cs

Measures for Illegal Resale for D2Cs

Fraudulent resale of products with a first-time-only discount program, in which a product is purchased and resold at a discounted price repeatedly under the guise of another person, is a serious problem for companies. MONOLITH LAW OFFICE’s clients are mainly supplement and health food sales companies and content sales businesses that are concerned about unauthorized resale of products and fraudulent sales activities. As legal and IT specialists, we provide multifaceted legal services.

Listed company of Reputational Risk and Damage Management

One-Stop Solution of Reputational Risk and Damage Management
(Listed Company of Reputational Risk and Damage Management)

It is difficult to get along with both lawyers, who are “legal professionals,” and IT firms, who are “IT professionals.” It is difficult to respond quickly to reputational damage when there is a division of work between the two.

We have been providing one-stop solutions for companies of all sizes to overcome reputational damage. After listing the reputational damage, we prioritize the necessary countermeasures, and then provide the actual legal procedures and technology to deal with the damage.

Removing Unwanted Search Results from Listing Ads

Removing Unwanted Search Results from Listing Ads

We call the problem “listing pollution”, in which a search for a company name or product name on Google or other search engines displays advertisements for other companies, products, or merchandise.

MONOLITH LAW OFFICE combines IT technology and legal procedures to provide legal services to solve “listing pollution”.

Removal of Information about the Past (Show biz)

Removal of Information about the Past (Show biz)

Some people hope that various information about their past entertainment activities will disappear from the Internet. For example, if you were a pin-up model in the past, it may have a significant negative impact on the rest of your life.

Our firm provides legal services to fully resolve these issues.

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