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Job Openings: Attorney, Law Clerk, Internship

Japanese Law firm with strength in IT

Japanese Law firm with strength in IT

MONOLITH LAW OFFICE is a law firm in Japan founded by attorney Toki Kawase, a former IT engineer. Our office is located in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan, which is directly connected to Otemachi Station and 7 minutes walk from Tokyo Station. Our firm has 17 lawyers and 58 staff members, including 16 IT consultants and part-time staffs.

We have a strong client base of 437 companies (mainly from the IT industry), ranging from Top Tier Organizations to startup companies in Japan. Our services include reputational risk management, litigation, system development, IT/Internet-related legal matters, investment projects worth more than one hundred million yen for top-tier organizations, and legal matters for start-up companies. We have provided legal services to a total of 912 clients.

We are a law firm with an extensive understanding of both IT and management, which is what makes MONOLITH LAW OFFICE different from other law firms in Japan.

MONOLITH LAW OFFICE is looking for foreign licensed attorneys, paralegals, and law clerks to meet the needs of our global clients.

Outline: Attorney, Paralegal, Law Clerk, Internship

Positions Available

Attorney: 1

– Attorneys who are qualified to practice law overseas

– Having passed the Japanese Bar is not necessarily required

Paralegal / Law Clerk: approximately 3

– Knowledge of Japanese or foreign law

Internship: no limit on the number of people

– University and law school students

– Shifts are flexible, allowing you to prioritize your studies.

– We’d love to welcome you if you’re an international student


Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Otemachi 1-9-5 Otemachi Financial City North Tower 21F(Access

Areas of Practice

– Corporate Legal Affairs for IT&Startup Businesses

– IT and Internet legal affairs for business companies (i.e. reputational damage countermeasures, IT-related disputes)

– Legal Consultant

– Corporate Law (Shareholer Meetings, CSR, Management)

– M&A, IPO, Business Reorganization, and Business Succession

– Contract Law, Commercial Law, Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law

– Entertainment Law (Contracts for Celebrities, Influencers, Sports Players, and etc)

– Labor Law cases

Details can be seen under the “Services”Section of the Website

Ideal Candidate

– Strong Interest in IT

– Interest in Corporate Law

– Being able to think outside of the box

– Prompt Response

– Proactive

– Graduate of a four-year college/university

– Experience in legal practice

Work Days

Attorney / Paralegal / Law Clerk

– Monday ~ Friday (Full-time job)


– Please contact us.

Work Hours


– Flexible Work Arrangements (Remote work is also available)

Paralegal / Law Clerk / Internship

– Please contact us.


Summer and Winter Holidays (adjusted depending on project)


– 8-11 Million JPY (Tax Included)

*Depending on Experience

*Compensation Assumes Invoice Registration

Paralegal / Law Clerk
– 260k-440K JPY a month (Tax Included)

*Depending on Experience

e.g. 220K JPY a month for new graduates
-The probationary period lasts one month.

– 1,400-1,800 JPY an hour (Tax Included)

Other Conditions


– Consignment Agreement

Paralegal / Law Clerk / Internship

– Please contact us.

How to Apply

Please send a PDF file of your CV and/or Resume to our recruiting department via email (

Selection Process

Screening of Submitted Documents → Office Visitation → First-Round Interview* → Second-Round Interview* → Selection Decision and Offer

*Interviews may be conducted online

Notification of Selection Decision

We will contact you via email.

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