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Evolutionizing IT

IT has become indispensable to running a business.
However, IT needs to be supervised from a legal perspective in order to use it for business risk management and to develop business.
At MONOLITH LAW OFFICE, lawyers and IT consultants work together to solve the unique problems of IT and corporate legal affairs.
Our goal is to catalyze the development of IT.



Our mission as a legal professional with a background as an IT engineer.

MONOLITH LAW OFFICE is a Tokyo-based Japanese law firm providing IT legal services to a variety of companies.
Toki Kawase, our Founding Attorney, has worked as a freelance IT engineer since he was a university student. He has experience establishing an IT company and worked as an IT engineer as well. Toki has seen with his own eyes the significant growth of startups and other companies through IT, and the various risks that are entailed in the process. He understands that for IT to continuously bring forth great benefits to companies in the future, it is necessary to have a innovative legal perspective.
Based on this experience, he has founded MONOLITH LAW OFFICE, an organization of highly specialized lawyers and IT consultants to provide a variety of solutions.

Our Founding Lawyer Toki Kawase


Our experience as a law firm as well as a corporate IT specialist

Number of
Corporate Clients


We provide advisory services (including various contracts with directors, executive officers, etc.) to a wide range of companies, from blue-chip companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange(TSE) to seed-stage startup companies.

Number of Clients


In an IT field, there are many unpredictable problems, and the nature of our consultations varies. We provide consultation services to various business companies, including 11 companies that are listed at Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange(TSE), as well as small and medium-sized IT entities.

Number of Original
IT Solutions


We are a team specializing in corporate IT. Monolith Law Firm is a team of lawyers and IT consultants that develops unique solution services.

Number of Attorneys


The most important factor in resolving IT problems is the speed of the initial response. MONOLITH LAW OFFICE has many attorneys who can respond to a wide variety of consultations on a daily basis.

Number of IT Consultants


We believe that IT consultants are as important as lawyers in keeping up with the ever-evolving technology and meeting more sophisticated corporate IT challenges.

IT & Legal Know-How


In the web media “MONOLITH LAW MAGAZINE”, we analyze and explain various cases in IT companies. We are constantly researching appropriate solutions to the issues of IT companies, which are becoming more and more complex and diverse.


Our original solutions for challenging IT risks.


Corporate Legal Affairs
for Businesses

Corporate Legal Affairs for IT and Startup Businesses

Specialized knowledge and experience is critical for providing accurate legal support in the dynamic environment unique to IT and startup companies. Our firm has many specialists in this industry, and we have acted as legal counsel for 410 companies, mainly IT companies, from companies listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) to seed-stage startup companies.

IT/IP legal affairs
for business

IT and IP legal affairs for various companies

Today, all companies, regardless of their business domain or business size, are involved in some way with IT in their corporate activities. We can take a role as “attorneys specializing in the area of IT and intellectual property” for companies that already have a primary legal advisor, or even for companies whose main business is not IT.

Reputational Damage

Preventing Reputational Damage&Anti-Defamation

Internet rumors and slander can attack any company or individual, including those whose main business is not IT. We provide a one-stop service that combats reputational damage through IT technology, which is usually done by IT companies, and through legal means, which only lawyers can perform.

YouTuber&VTuber Legal


YouTuber or VTuber channel management and contracts require specialized know-how and experience. Our highly specialized attorneys provide flexible support for the daily changes in media regulations and contractual relationships related to corporate matters.

For Example

  • Preventing Reputational Damage

    Reputational Damage

  • Drafting Terms of Use for Apps and Websites

    Drafting Terms of Use
    for Apps and Websites

  • Article Reviewing based on PMD Act

    Article Reviewing
    based on PMD Act

  • Removing Unwanted search results

    Unwanted search results

  • Prevention of Data Leakage

    Prevention of
    Data Leakage


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